PEEHIP Member Information

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PEEHIP Member Handbook Information / Open Enrollment

The 2014-2015 PEEHIP Open Enrollment/Member Handbook is available for viewing
by clicking here.

There are more documents available on the PEEHIP web page at under
Important Updates.

The PEEHIP Open Enrollment link can be accessed by clicking here as well as on the
Publications and Forms web page by clicking here .

Members can view and/or download the file from these web pages.

This year, we have a combined Open Enrollment/Member Handbook for PEEHIP
instead of two separate booklets so that members will have one, comprehensive
bookletwith all of the PEEHIP information included.

Feel free to forward this email and attachment to your PEEHIP eligible employees.
If members want a hard copy mailed to them, they can contact Member
Services at 1-877-517-0020
and make this request.