Technology Department

As each day passes, technology changes more and more. Students are evolving with this technology and we
strive to include this as a part of their education. We offer various classes from beginning keyboarding to
advanced web design but our goal is still to provide a solid educational foundation for each and every
student to build on for years to come. We are proud to be a part of the State Department of Education
ACCESS network. Headland and Abbeville High School are both currently providing classes through this
network to other classes throughout the state, as well as offering students online Web-based classes.

Content Filtering

With the age of the Internet and Technology there are various electronic hazards on the Internet for
students and we take precautionary measures to prevent any inappropriate content from being viewed.
We make every effort to filter any content that is inappropriate or harmful to our students, as well
as evaluate web sites on a weekly basis to ensure that these sites remain inaccessible. The Henry
County Board of Education complies with CIPA guidelines that requires filtering all inappropriate content
for our students and we also utilize an Acceptable Use Internet Policy. If you would like to view the
Henry County Schools Acceptable Use Internet policy please see the Documents page to the left under
Technology. This is a part of the student handbook that each student receives for students and parents
to acknowledge and sign each year.

InformationNow - Parent Portal

We are pleased to offer home access through InformationNow for teachers and parents to monitor student
academic achievement. If you have not received a username and password, please contact the school
your student attends for more information. If you have received a username and password, please click on
the InformationNow link on the home page for 24-hour instant access. There is also a Parent Portal Training
link that will open a video for you to watch that describes how to login and navigate through the program.
If you are having trouble logging into InformationNow, please contact the school at which your student
attends for help or any questions. For School contact numbers, please click the Schools link at the top of
this page.
We hope this valuable tool will enable you to monitor related educational progress as well as
support your student in their educational goals.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, the Technology Department can be reached at 334-585-2206 x1231 or via email
from the Contact Page at the top.  We thank you for taking time to visit our web site and hope you have a great day!


Geoff Jones
System Technology Coordinator
Central Office Supervisor
E-Rate System Coordinator
Data Collections Coordinator
System Network Administrator