HMS Book Fair

Book Fair

The HMS Book Fair begins on Monday, Feb. 26th and runs through noon on Friday, March 1st. Students will shop on the following days according to their grade level:


Monday, Feb. 26th- 6th grade

Tuesday, Feb. 27th- 7th grade

Wednesday, Feb. 28th- 8th grade

Thursday, Feb. 29th- 9th grade and any other students with money and library pass from a teacher

Friday, March 1st until noon- any student with money and a library pass from a teacher

Family shopping hours will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 27th from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. 


Checks must have driver's license number, birthdate, phone number and must be made out for the correct amount. Change can't be given from a check. 


If you don't want to send cash or checks with your students check out Scholastic's E-Wallet for students. It works like a gift card. You load up funds on their account and they spend it like a gift card. Any funds not spent by Friday can be used at our online fair or roll over to next year on their account. Click on the link for our Online Book Fair and look for the section about E-Wallets to set up one for your student! 


HMS Online Book Fair