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    Classroom  Rules:

    • BE RESPECTFUL – of yourself, others, Mrs. Roy, and AHS property 
    • Follow all directions the first time they are given. 
    • Bring all required supplies and assignments to class daily. 
    • Do not talk while the teacher or others are talking. 
    • Keep room orderly and clean.  No use of profanity! 
    • The bell does not dismiss you. Exit after dismissal by teacher, by repeating the class motto.  “If It Is To Be Is It Up To Me!”

    Consequences: (depending on student behavior):

    1. Verbal warning 
    2. Student conference/Parent notification 
    3. Break detention/Parent notification 
    4. Parent conference 
    5. Disciple referral


    • 3 – ring binder : This is used for notes, drawings, handouts, and other entries.  
    • Notebook paper: Keep your paper in your binder at all times 
    • Colored pencils/markers 
    • Highlighters:  
    • Pens/pencils:  All assignments to be turned in should be in blue or black ink only. 
    • Scientific Calculator: Used to compute mathematics formulas commonly used in science

    **(RECOMMENDED, NOT REQUIRED) 3 x 5 index cards: These will be used as a study tool, and checked for bonus points prior to a test. Chapter test = 10 bonus points 

    **(RECOMMENDED, NOT REQUIRED) Paper towels, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, EXPO markers (1 pack), Copy paper: These items will be used by the class for labs and to maintain the cleanliness of the classroom.

    Grading: Chapter tests, lab activities, and projects will count as MAJOR grades which are worth 50% of the final grade. Homework assignments and daily quizzes will count as MINOR grades which are worth 25% of the final grade. The midterm, 9 weeks test, and final are worth 25% of the final grade. All grades will count toward the final average. No grades will be dropped and no individual extra credit will be given.

    Late work / Make up work : When you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed. You will have 2 days for every EXCUSED DAY that you missed to make up work. No make up work will be done during class! All make up tests can be made up after school on Tuesdays from 3:30 – 4:30 pm, or during PE or Elective classes.