• Public Education Employees' Health Insurance Plan (PEEHIP)

    • To access the PEEHIP Website click here.

    • To contact a representative at RSA, call 877.517.0020 or email peehipinfo@rsa-al.gov.

    • PEEHIP office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm.

    • To access the PEEHIP Member Handbook 2017-2018, click here.

    Member Online Services (MOS)

    • To access the MOS website click here.

    • New and current members will use MOS to: Enroll online (New Members), make changes during Open Enrollment, view Current Coverages, make a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) change to add a dependent or report a divorce, change your address, view Wellness Completion Status.

    Health and Wellness Program

    • PEEHIP'S Team Up for Health Wellness Program continues for the 2017-2018 year.

    • To track the your completion status towards the $50 monthly wellness premium waiver, visit www.MyActiveHealth.com/PEEHIP.

    • Effective October 2015, eligible PEEHIP members will begin paying a $50 monthly wellness premium if they choose not to participate or fail to complete their requirements by the deadline of August 31, each year.

    • The wellness premium applies to both eligible members and covered spouses (resulting in a potential combined $100 monthly additional premium).

    • October begins the start of a new Wellness Program Year.

    • Members can view their specific required activities by, visiting www.MyActiveHealth.com/PEEHIP and clicking the "My Required Activites" link.

    • Members can also contact MyActiveHealth by calling 855.294.6580.

    • Click to view the HealthCare Provider Screening Form

    • Click to view the Earn the Wellness Premium Waiver

    • Click to view MyActiveHealth Website Registration Guide

    To Earn the Wellness Premium Waiver: 

    • Get a Wellness Screening between August 1 - August 31.

    • Complete the Health Questionnaire online at www.MyActiveHealth.com/PEEHIP or by phone at 855.294.6580 between October 1 - August 31.

    • Participate in Health Coaching if you get an invitation letter from ActiveHealth.

    Tracking Your Progress:

    • Visit www.MyActiveHealth.com/PEEHIP to view your Progress.

    • The Progress Wheel on your "My Required Activities" page shows the percentage of completion of your required activities.

    • Every October 1, the Progress Wheel will reset to 0% to indicate that it is time to complete your required activities once again.

    • The Progress Wheel will show 100% when you have completed all that is necessary to earn your monthly wellness premium waiver.