Abbeville High Bell Schedule

    • Dismissed to 1st Block- 7:25am

    • Tardy bell rings at 7:30am

    • Students arriving to school between 7:30am and 7:45am must report to the tardy cart for a tardy pass to class.

    • Students arriving to school after 7:45am  must report to the main office to get checked in.  If students fail to do so, they will be counted absent for the entire day and parents may received an automated phone call.

    High School
    1st Block- 7:30-8:50
    2nd Block- 8:53-9:53
    Break- 9:53-10:05
    3rd Block- 10:08- 11:28
    4th Block- 11:31-1:15
         B Lunch- 11:40-12:05
         C Lunch- 12:05-12:30
    5th Block- 1:18-2:38
    Dismissal- 2:38

    Middle School
    1st Block-7:30-9:10 (Breakfast is served from 7:35-7:55; teacher will take entire class daily.)

    Break- 9:10-9:22
    2nd Block-9:24-10:34
    3rd Block- 10:36-12:06
         A Lunch 11:00-11:25
    4th Block- 12:08-1:18 (A-12:08-12:42; B-12:43-1:18)
    5th Block- 1:20-2:30 (A-1:20-1:55; B-1:55-2:30)
    Break- 2:30- 2:38
    Dismissal- 2:38