Abbeville Academic Bell Schedule 2020-2021



    • Students cannnot arrive on campus before 7:20 a.m.
    • Breakfast will be served in 1st period classrooms



    • Students arriving between 7:36 a.m. - 7:40 a.m will receive a tardy in their homeroom class 
    • Students arriving at or after 7:41 a.m. will have to check in the front office before going to class 



    Academic Bell Schedule


    High School 

    Breakfast                      7:20-7:35a.m.

    1st Block               7:40-8:55a.m.

    2nd Block              8:58-10:13a.m.

    Break                      10:13-10:25a.m.

    3rd Block              10:28-11:41a.m.

    4th Block              11:44-1:32p.m.

    • A Lunch        11:49a.m. - 12:09p.m.
    • B Lunch        12:12p.m. - 12:32p.m.
    • TOR Lunch   12:35p.m. - 12:55p.m.
    • D Lunch        12:58p.m. - 1:18p.m. 

    5th Block              1:35-2:40p.m

    Dismissal              2:40p.m.                 



    Middle School

    Breakfast              7:20-7:35a.m.

    1st Period             7:40-8:50a.m.

    2nd Period            8:53-9:43a.m.

    Break                      9:43-9:57a.m.

    3rd Period            10:00-10:50a.m.

    4th Period            10:53-12:13p.m.

    • 7th Grade Lunch 10:58-11:18a.m.
    • 8th Grade Lunch 11:21-11:41a.m.

    5th Period            12:16-1:06p.m.

    6th Period            1:09-1:59p.m.

    7th Period            2:02-2:40p.m.