• There are two weeks left in the 2nd 9 Weeks. Semester exams will be the week of Jan. 11-15. 

    Important Dates:

    • Monday, Jan. 11 - Students will complete the study guide for their 9 Weeks Exam. A copy has been posted in Schoology.
    • Tuesday, Jan. 12 - Full review day for 9 Weeks Exam. After-school tutoring from 2:50 - 3:45
    • Wednesday, Jan. 13 - 9 Weeks Exam
    • Thursday, Jan. 14 - Bellringer quiz. Students should make sure all bellringers for the 9 Weeks are completed and clearly labeled in their composition notebook. All bellringers have been posted in Schoology and students may complete any that they have missed.

    Rational Numbers

    We are wrapping up our unit on rational numbers. Students are adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers. For the next two weeks, students will using these concepts to solve common problems: budget for family vacation, which cell phone plan should a family buy, budgeting, and making investents.

    Helpful videos:


    All presentations, videos, classwork, and handouts are posted in Schoology. Each week has its own folder with a file titled Schedule for the Week. This is a daily list of class activites. Each student has a Schoology login and has successfully accessed Schoology during my class. Login information should be in the front cover of their math composition notebook.

    Schoology: https://henrycountyboe.schoology.com/  


    Updated Jan. 10, 2021